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Bristol Aquarium Review 5th October 2016

 Bristol Aquarium Review 5th October 2016
Whether you have children or not, it’s well worth visiting the Bristol Aquarium to see all of the different under water species on display.

Although it’s been open for many years now, it’s easy to forget it’s there when there is constantly so much on offer in the city.

I recently decided to visit it with my husband and 5 year old daughter Mya and was pleased to see how much they both enjoyed it.

There were several different sections in the aquarium, including ’Shipwreck Cove’ where you could see lesser spotted sharks and ’Urban Jungle’ where you could explore the sounds, sights and smells of the rainforest.

The large botanical house, which is apparently the only one inside a UK aquarium, was a nice touch as you walked through it and took in the atmosphere.

My daughter and husband especially liked the electric eel called Bolt, which happened to be rescued recently from a suitcase at Heathrow Airport. It was a huge creature that was having a roll around when we were watching it and it was an added bonus that a staff member was near by and came over to tell us more about the history of her/him (they can’t tell what gender it is!)

As to be expected, the clown fish (otherwise known as the fish type that was Nemo in the Disney film) was a hit with all youngsters and there were squeals of delight from my daughter when she eventually saw them. (She wanted to know where ’Nemo’ was from the minute we walked through the entrance).

Another highlight for my daughter (and myself) were the piranhas, rays and puffer fish. All parents will relate to the fact that anything which stands out slightly with an unusual feature catches the eyes of the little ones and its great to see them so engaged.

The underwater tunnel is a nice addition to the place, it’s not very long but it still stands out. It’s just really nice to look up and watch the action around you.

There are events coming up all the time at the aquarium that families can enjoy but we found it was fine to just walk around and enjoy the general usual attractions. I am intrigued about the ’themed birthday parties’ that are on offer though!

This isn’t a massive aquarium but it’s adequate enough to feel like the money you pay to get in is worth it. There really is something quite peaceful about being surrounded by underwater delights on a Saturday afternoon and I would definitely go back with the family in the future.

By Kelly Jobanputra 

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