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Welcome to the Whats on Review Section
Your will find honest independent reviews and reports from both our own journalist and also reviews that have been submitted for inclusions via the whats on "submit a review" e-mail. We report on restaurant meals, night club article of clubs in Bristol years ago to today’s nights out, there are articles on the many places of interest and attractions that are in our area.
We also feature BBC Radio 5’s outspoken motoring journalist correspondent Zog Zeigler’s articles on the hottest 4wheel vehicles that are available; his reports will make you green with envy that he has been lucky enough to test drive the many fabulous top range cars that we all dream of  driving or owning.
Our health and beauty journalist reports on the day Spa’s in the area, the beauty and relaxation treatments that are available and reports on what it is like to be pampered for a day.
All our journalist’s articles and reviews submitted on-line by visitors to the website are listed for you to read, you can be assured that we will offer you an in-depth view of where to go, whether it offers good value for money and in our reports we include views on quality, service, and prices and whether the many venues mentioned have disabled access and child friendly.

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