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Tel: 01278 783250
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Tel: 01278 783250

Rescue • rehabilitate • release
01278 783250 – 24/7 365 days a year

Preventing British wildlife suffering needlessly and inspiring an understanding and love of wildlife and the countryside

Found an injured wild animal? View advice information

We provide a 24/7 service, 365 days a year to rescue sick, injured or orphaned wildlife.

We believe that no creature, no matter how small, should be left to suffer, that we have a duty to intervene to relive that suffering and to care for them until they are strong enough and fit enough to return to the wild.

We deliver this service in the following ways:

Rescue service.
On-call, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, run by trained volunteers. If you discover an animal in distress you will get a response to your call. Secret World Response Drivers. Volunteers located across Somerset, Bristol, Wiltshire, Dorset, Devon, South Gloucestershire who are equipped and trained to rescue and administer first aid to small, medium or large animals and birds and bring them back to Secret World for treatment. We rescue or advise the public on over 5,000 animals and birds a year including hundreds of wildlife orphans such as otters, badgers, foxes and birds of prey, which we hand-rear, care for and rehabilitate, sometimes for as long as 18 months depending upon the species.

We care for our animals in the following ways:

Round-the-clock care.
All animals brought into Secret World are assessed and casualties given veterinary treatment. This is carried out either by the onsite veterinary nurse or by being transported to our local veterinary surgeon if x-rays or surgery is required. If any need continuous care, such as 2 hourly feeding for example, we are able to do this thanks to our many volunteers who generously give their time.

A referral service for other organisations.
As a result of our expertise, our reputation has grown and we frequently take cases from all across the UK including many for the RSPCA and the Wildlife Trusts. In fact, we take 2/3 of the all badger cubs in the UK. These organisations know that we offer the best standards of care.

Extensive facilities.
We currently have treatment areas, recovery and special rehabilitation enclosures designed specifically for the different needs of the wildlife we care for. These include enclosures for foxes and badgers, where they can forage and dig as they would in the wild, water enclosures for the otters and swans, so they can preen and build their natural oils and large aviaries for garden birds and birds of prey – all away from human contact so they have the best chance of reverting to the wild once they are strong enough to be released.

The progress of all our wildlife patients is regularly reassessed so that we can be sure that any animal released back into the wild is able to survive and live a natural life. 


Each year Secret World can care for up to 50 badger cubs. Most of them are found locally but many come from other parts of the country because of the health protocol that the cubs receive prior to release. As each cub arrives, they are put into family groups and will remain in these groups and be released together as a unit.

Because we are very aware of the "Badgers and TB" issue we have established a testing programme, approved by DEFRA, RSPCA and NFBG, to ensure that any badgers we release are free from this disease. All the cubs are vaccinated against parvo, bovine TB and undergo blood tests, the only test available to ascertain whether a live badger has TB or not. They are also tattooed and identichipped to give us some idea of post release success.

Due to extensive research we have been able to return cubs to their native setts without them coming into rehabilitation. This is done only under certain conditions to ensure that no animal is ever deserted. In the past 3 years we have been able to sucessfully return many badger cubs back to their families. 

Get involved

Our adoptions make great presents all year round even for those who are difficult to buy for. By taking out one of our adoptions, either for yourself or someone else, you can help us to continue being there to help wild creatures when they are injured or orphaned. Visit for details
A great deal of the work carried out at Secret World is contributed by volunteers. Care of the 6000+ animal casualties admitted over the past year would not be possible without the generosity of people with their time, skill and determination. If you are interested in supporting the work of Secret World, please have a look at the volunteer role profiles to get a better understanding of what each of the them entail. Visit for details

Thank you for your interest in fundraising for Secret World Wildlife Rescue.

Secret World receives no government funding and, as a registered charity, relies entirely on the generous support of fundraisers and donors to finance its work. Our third party fundraisers are crucial to the survival of Secret World and we would be thrilled if you were to become one of them.

There are so many ways you could help to raise funds including obtaining sponsorship for doing something active, organising an event on our behalf, making us your group’s charity of the year or collecting money in lieu of celebration gifts.

Every little bit raised is appreciated and all donations go towards our work to rescue, rehabilitate and release the wildlife brought to us. Visit for details

SWWR charity shops
Secret World has two local charity shops - one in Burnham-on-Sea and one in Street. Both shops accept good quality donated items for resale and offer for sale donated goods and a variety of Secret World Wildlife Rescue charity merchandise such as greetings cards and gifts.

Please support us by using our charity shops. You will be helping Secret World to continue offering 24/7 wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and release service.

Further information can be found by contacting or visiting the shops.

Secret World Wildlife Rescue makes a real difference to British wildlife. But, our work costs money! With no government funding, we rely entirely on the support and generosity of people like you to fund our vital work. Please help by making a donation today. Visit for details