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Bradford on Avon
BA15 2BA,

This Grade I Italian-style garden is famous for its tranquil beauty and was the home of architect and landscape gardener, Harold A. Peto from 1899 to 1933. This unique and romantic hillside garden is characterised by steps, terraces, sculpture and magnificent rural views.
A visit to the Peto Garden at Iford includes delightful features such as the Loggia, the Great Terrace, the Casita and the largest of Peto’s garden buildings, the Cloisters. This building is the location for most of the recitals and operas that take place throughout the summer as part of the Iford Arts programme.

Set in 2.5 acres this steep hillside Italian style garden affords the visitor wonderful views of the valley. A number of original plants remain: the standard Wisteria sinensis; Phillyria latifolia; Buxus sempervirens which also grows in tree form in the woods; Cupressus sempervirens; Hemerocalis citrina, the scented day lily and, in the long grass by the Cloister, naturalised Martagon lilies. March: Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, Sunday 30th 2pm-5pm

April & October: Sundays 2pm - 5pm.

From May to September daily between
2pm - 5pm except on Mondays and Fridays.